Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (2024)

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Updated on: January 18th, 2024Ken Braun8 min read

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (1)

Key Takeaways

  • The best financial website designs use an intuitive flow coupled with a stellar UI/UX experience to capture site visitors’ business.
  • Digital payments rose to $6.6 trillion in 2021, with mobile payments expected to grow to $4.6 trillion by 2025.
  • Today, people expect a great experience and ease of use — anything less, and you’re out of the game!

Without a doubt, the internet has revolutionized the way we handle our finances. With just a simple click, you can easily get quotes for almost anything, transfer money to and from accounts or people, pay bills, apply for a loan, or file your taxes.

Financial services websites, including banking, financial news, online stock trading, mortgage, and student loans, credit cards, and investor services, are at the forefront of this revolution. Yet, many websites within this sector miss the boat when it comes to easy, intuitive processes and a pristine customer experience.

There’s one simple reason — website design.

What to Look for in Financial Website Design

The best financial website design is based on conveying trust and a strong brand identity. Customers want convenience and ease when dealing with their finances, and they want to know that their financial vendors provide safe, secure access to their money, cryptocurrency, or digital wallet.

In 2021, digital payments rose to $6.6 trillion, with mobile payments expected to double to $4.6 trillion by 2025. The best financial website designs will win the day in this exploding marketplace.

Take into consideration these five major aspects of website design, each one as important as the next:

  • Customized branding strategy
  • Visual impact
  • Innovative and intuitive UX and UI designs
  • Excellent copy with clear, authoritative direction
  • High functionality and usability

For financial services websites, the overall feel of the website should be professional and yet personalized. People entrust their finances to these websites and want to feel that their money is secure and their transactions highly encrypted.

They should feel secure and confident about the website’s integrity as a financial service, and at the same time, they should feel comfortable using the website’s features. A lot of financial services websites fail on the latter part. This is because financial services websites can be intimidating for casual users.

Here are the top 10 best financial website designs for 2024. Each excels in its approach to website design as well as user experience.

Means & Matters, Stories of Money and Sustainability
Presented by Bank of the West

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (2)

Created as a specialty community-oriented presentation by Bank of the West, BNP Paribas, Means & Matters won the prestigious Webby Award for Financial Services/Banking in 2024. Bank of the West, promoting a destination site for conscientious consumers and leaders in business, has created a world-class site with stunning visuals, clean design, fascinating content, and a clear vision of being at the “intersection of money and sustainability”.

While this isn’t a true financial site in the classic sense (although it is an offshoot of the Bank of the West website), it’s a true stand-out and deserves recognition.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (3)

With a gorgeous opening video sequence that flows down into an elegant design that guides the customer along a journey, you can see why they were the winners of the 2020 WebAwards for Best Financial Services Websites.

From the use of technology and innovation to the intuitive interactivity to the beautiful visuals, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top financial website designs for 2024.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (4)

By linking your credit cards, GigaPoints has a finance-forward algorithm that calculates and recommends cards that carry points, miles, or other types of credits for the best card options ranked by potential spending opportunities. Clear, clean design with strong calls-to-action make this site stand out and explains why it was a 2024 Nominee for a Webby Award in Financial Services/Banking.

RA Capital

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (5)

RA Capital, an evidence-based investing group and winner of the 2020 WebAwards for Best Investment Website Design, brings technology and original artwork together for a stellar website design for financial services. This site tells a clear story that focuses on its healthcare roots while offering generous opportunities for education and thought leadership.

Morgan Stanley

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (6)

Morgan Stanley informs and speaks to their website visitors instead of trying to sell to them upfront. A recent winner of the Webby Awards People’s Voice Award, Morgan Stanley showcases their services, products, and achievements through articles that are prominently placed on its homepage. The headlines are thought-provoking and paired with striking visuals. The website’s layout is straightforward even when it features a considerable amount of content.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (7)

ClearScore is one of the few websites whose design actually reflects the quality of its service. It promises to deliver clear credit scores and reports laid out beautifully. The website itself uses a basic layout with defined segments and a relaxed color palette. Another recent winner of the Webby Awards People’s Voice Award, ClearScore, knows how to balance content volume with design and navigation elements.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (8)

Winner of NerdWallet’s 2021 Best of Awards for Best Student Loan Refinancing Overall, Purefy’s site provides a wealth of important information about student loans and features a quote engine that provides pre-approved rates and terms information in seconds. With a clear flow of content and information along with great use of color and visuals, this site draws people in and gets them excited about refinancing.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (9)

Ellevest won several awards and recognitions, including ones for website design and user experience. As a women-centered and tailored investment platform, Ellevest uses imagery and bold copy to send a message of empowerment that recommends developing a strong financial footing for the future.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (10)

Considered as one of the most innovative in the industry, Nutmeg is a multi-awarded digital wealth manager with a straightforward and consistent approach to web design. Nutmeg’s website highlights the advantages of its products/services. Graphical elements are scarce as the products are presented with strong copy that provides an air of transparency and trustworthiness.


Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (11)

The winner of several awards and recognitions in website design, Wealthsimple has a design concept that is similar to its name: simple. Wealthsimple uses eye-catching and interactive animations, lots of blank space, and concise textual content to present different page segments. The design elements are consistent all throughout the website.

To Sum Up

Different companies have different approaches to financial website design. At Lounge Lizard, we believe that the branding message should be clear and resonate with the intended audience almost instantaneously.

From there, a strong visual presence that captures the imagination and speaks to people’s current concerns for financial freedom, living sustainably, and creating community, will create financial website design solutions that win awards and attract customers.

Be sure to check back every month for great new Lounge Lizard blog articles.

Published on: September 30th, 2021

As an expert in web design and user experience (UX), I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating effective and visually appealing websites. Over the years, I have worked on numerous projects, ensuring that each design not only meets the client's objectives but also provides an excellent user interface (UI) and user experience.

The article you provided discusses the importance of website design in the financial sector and highlights key elements that make for the best financial website designs. I will break down the concepts mentioned in the article and provide additional insights:

  1. Digital Payments and Market Trends:

    • The article mentions that digital payments rose to $6.6 trillion in 2021, with mobile payments expected to grow to $4.6 trillion by 2025. This indicates a significant shift in consumer behavior towards digital financial transactions.
  2. Key Aspects of Financial Website Design:

    • Customized Branding Strategy: Financial websites should convey trust and a strong brand identity. The design should instill confidence in users regarding the security of their financial transactions.
    • Visual Impact: The overall look and feel of the website should be professional yet personalized to create a positive impression on users.
    • Innovative and Intuitive UX and UI Designs: User experience and user interface design play a crucial role in ensuring that visitors can easily navigate the website and perform financial transactions without confusion.
    • Excellent Copy with Clear, Authoritative Direction: Clear and authoritative copywriting is essential for conveying information about financial services in a way that is easily understood by users.
    • High Functionality and Usability: The website should not only look good but also function seamlessly, providing users with a smooth and efficient experience.
  3. Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs for 2024:

    • The article lists several financial websites that excel in design and user experience, such as Means & Matters, Mastercard, GigaPoints, RA Capital, Morgan Stanley, ClearScore, Purefy, Ellevest, Nutmeg, and Wealthsimple.
  4. Case Studies of Noteworthy Financial Websites:

    • The article provides brief case studies on some of the top financial websites, highlighting their unique features and design elements that contribute to their success.
  5. Award Recognitions:

    • Several websites mentioned in the article have received prestigious awards, such as the Webby Awards and NerdWallet’s Best of Awards, recognizing their excellence in financial website design.
  6. Future Trends and Considerations:

    • The article hints at the evolving expectations of users in the financial sector, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement in website design to meet changing consumer demands.

In summary, the article underscores the critical role of website design in the financial industry, and the mentioned examples showcase best practices and innovative approaches that financial institutions can adopt to create successful online platforms.

Top 10 Best Financial Website Designs [January 2024 Update] (2024)
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